Festival In Spain



We just got back from Europe where we played a Festival in spain. It was an amazing trip and we are all in love with Spain now! The festival was in the city of Ainsa.

The center of this small city was a very old castle where the festival has taken place every year for over twenty years.




You couldn’t dream up a more beautiful scenery.

The Stage was located in the middle of the castle overlooking the entire city and the mountains in the background. Amazing.







Of course we stayed for a few extra days and what more fitting than heading 3 hours east to Pamplona to run with thebulls! I have to admit this was not my idea of fun! I would be fine just witnessing the spectacle.

But ones we were in the middle of it all there was no way I wasn’t gonna run as well.

It is a week long festival where everybody wears white with a red scarf and sash. Thousands of people in the street partying until dawn to watch or participate in the running with bulls at 8am sharp. It was crazy.






Nothing like it anywhere in the world.

We had a blast and got out of it alive!





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